Are The Dice Rigged?

The feeling that the computer always rolls the right numbers, arises with many users. However, the computer software is independent from the random generator that sets rolls for the computer and the human players.

To give skeptical players extra piece of mind, Backgammon Gold also offers live dice. This allows the player to play roll their own dice and enter the respective numbers into the game.

Or have you ever tried the function? With, the numbers for rolls are sourced live and are equally as random.

As you can see, we offer many ways to prove that the computer opponent can not “see” or influence the dice. We recommend playing some games with real dice using the live dice function and you‘ll see that your luck is the same as with the digital dice.

We also noticed that all backgammon programs and apps are accused of cheating the player. We found some interesting articles explaining why it looks like the computer opponent is cheating.

Beginners often don‘t use the full potential of their rolls, while professional players and well-written software, such as BGBlitz developed by Frank Berger and implemented by us, can use a roll “efficiently”. The key is “experience”. Furthermore, the effective move of an opponent feels much more punishing if we have previously made a strategic mistake. It‘s an interesting phenomenon in psychology, to remember painful incidents and defeats in games better than the “justified” victories.


How Are ELO Points Calculated?

– For each match you win points and climb in the ranking; If you lose a game, you drop in the ranking.

– The length of the match: If you win a longer tournament, your ranking will increase faster than if you win a shorter tournament.

– Different ELO values: Winning against an opponent who has a higher ELO score will earn you more points than winning against an opponent with a lower ELO score.

– Played matches: As a new player, your ranking will increase faster in the initial phase.

How Do I Begin A Game?

Open the app and click on “Play”. In the next step you can choose if you want to play against the computer or a second player. Simply slide the slider towards the device or human. Then select the difficulty level and the tournament length so the game can begin. Before you can start the game, you have to give yourself, (and in two-player mode, your opponent) a name.

Where Do I See How Many Games I Have Won?

The Statistics section gives you an overview of your ELO rating and won / lost games / gammons. In addition, a dice statistic is integrated here. You can see an overview of the number of pairs, the average number of pips, and your total number of rolls.

How Do I Play Backgammon Gold Online?

The Online part of Backgammon Gold was available until June 2019. Unfortunately it is no longer accessible.

Why Should I Use The Tutor?

The Tutor is a handy feature that makes it easy for beginners to get started with Backgammon Gold. The tutor will also help you to improve your own playing strength, as your moves are rated by the Tutor. The Tutor rates your moves in the form of a traffic light. When the green light is on, this is the best possible move. If the yellow light is on, your move was not optimal, but not the worst move you could have made. With a wrong move, the traffic light is red.

If you need help with your turn, the function “Best possible move” shows you which one would be the perfect move. You can also easily undo your move via the Undo function.

This feature is available in the Premium version. In the free version you can test these features 3 times before you buy it.

My in-app purchases have been lost because I deleted the app or had to restore my device without a backup. Can I reload the in-app purchases for free?

With Backgammon Gold it is possible to restore your purchases.

Open the shop in the menu and click on Restore where you will be asked to enter your Apple ID or Google Play data. Please make sure that you enter the same data with which you made the purchases. There are no additional costs for this process.

If your purchases do not recover automatically, please contact our support team.

Why Can‘t I Use My Pairs?

If you are unable to use your pairs, it is probably because of the Crwaford Rule.

The Crawford Rule says players can not use the Double Cube in a tournament game when either player only needs one point to win the tournament.

I Purchased The Game On My iPhone, and Want To Play On Another Apple Device. How Do I Do This?

To install Backgammon Gold on another device, you’ll need the same Apple Account you used to buy Backgammon with. Then open the Apple App Store and look for Backgammon Gold. In addition to the App Icon, instead of installing buttons, you should see a small cloud. You can download the premium version via that button.

I Purchased The Premium Version Through The free version, But I Am Unable to use The Premium features. What Do I Do?

First, make sure you’re logged in with the correct (Apple or Google) account (the one you used to buy Backgammon Gold Premium with).

If you use iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and go to the shop.
  2. Then click the buy button for the full version.
  3. You will be notified that you have already purchased the Premium version. Enter your Apple ID now. This process is free for you.
  4. The activation process should be completed and the premium features should be activated.

If you are using Android, follow these steps:

If your purchases are not recovered automatically, please contact our support team.